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Questions & Answers

This is the section of the site where we post any questions and answers. Please check back periodically.

If I am the current high bidder, could I raise my maximum bid at a later time?

Yes, you could raise your current maximum bid at any time. To raise your maximum bid, go to the page where you originally placed the bid and select the "Bid Now" button. Enter an amount greater than your original bid and greater than the amount listed in the Maximum Bid box and select the "Submit Bid" button.

Can I delete my Auction Listing early?

Yes but only if you haven't had anyone bid on your item.

Can I edit my Listing after it goes live?

Yes, you can edit any listing details. You can edit a Classified listing at any time and edit your Auction listing if no one has placed a bid on your item. Once someone places a bid on your Auction item, you will not be able to edit any of the details. This is a handy feature because it allows you to lower your asking price.

Where do I register for my free account?

You can access the registration page by choosing the "Register" tab, "Login" tab or "Sign In" button.

If I were to list an item in the "American Made" category, does it have to be made in the USA?

Yes. Items that are made elsewhere but are assembled in the US are not considered American made.

What are the search pages and how are they different?

Whenever you use the search boxes, you will be directed to a search page. To find out if you are on a search page, look below the categories box. The search pages were specifically set up for fast browsing through any category. One way to utilize the search pages is to first start off by narrowing your search results by using the category search & zip code filters, then quickly browse through those listings located on the search pages.

What should I do after I am the winning bidder?

You will need to make payment arrangements with the seller. If both you and the seller are using your paypal accounts, you'll be directed to the payment page directly after you've won the item. If you are not going to use a paypal account, you must contact the seller to make payment arrangements.

When I list an item, what features are included or free?

With any listing, no matter what plan you choose, you will receive:

  • 1 Free Photo.
  • A Free photo gallery on your listing display page.
  • Free Extra Large Images that open in a separate window. All images are enlarged at no extra cost.
  • A Free Extra Large Image Gallery.

There is also:

  • No charge for adding a reserve price to your listing.
  • No charge for an "OBO" (Best Offer) tag.
  • No charge for adding a "Buy Now" feature to your listing and much, much more!

We also offer:

  • Extremely low prices.
  • A user friendly environment.
  • Classified listings that can be updated on a daily basis.
  • Many different and highly intuitive filtering features.
  • A highly detailed and powerful search page.
  • A highly detailed Business Listing Directory.
  • Personal account features that can be tailored to fit anyone's needs and much, much more!

What is included in a Storefront subscription?

Storefront subscriptions run for a period of 30 days and they include:

  • Your own unique URL
  • A fully customizable Storefront
  • A Storefront newsletter and much, much more!
    • Note: The fees associated with placing a listing remain the same and do not change when you order a Storefront subscription.

What are the Listing Filters?

The Listing Filters are a powerful feature that can save you a lot of time. The Listing Filter takes keywords, names, etc. (that you choose) and filters all new listings using those terms. When the system finds a match, you will receive an email notifying you that a match has been found. You will also receive a message in your Inbox when a listing matches one of your filters. The listing filters will also search through the "Filter by Year" entries. To access and/or set up the Listing Filters, go to your Account home page and select the "Listing Filters" button.

What is the "Filter by Year" feature?

The "Filter by year" is used as a Final or Secondary Filter because it has the ability to broaden or narrow search results. This is beneficial to prospective buyers because it filters through the listings thus, saving the buyer time (while searching) and it gives them the ability to either broaden or narrow their results. On the other hand, this is beneficial to the seller because the faster a prospective buyer goes through their search criteria, the more time they will have to find your listing. This can also be used by the seller to add additional details to their listing in a broad or specific manner. The filter and the year are first selected by the seller during the listing process. A visitor to the site could either do a manual search by year or they could go to the search page and filter their "keyword" search by using the "Filter by Year" dropdown box. Using the "Filter by Year" dropdown box will sometimes yield better results because it is directly connected to the dropdown box during the listing process. Note: If a seller is not 100% sure of the year, decade and so on or if you do not feel that this filter will benefit you, just skip over this feature during the listing process. If you skip over the filter during the listing process, it will not affect your listing in any way; this is just an extra feature if you decide to use it.

  • Filter by Year Examples: Let's say that you decide to list an oil painting or some antique furniture but you are unsure as to the general year, you may use the broad approach when applying this filter. Under your Title & Description, you may have the 1860's listed but you could also add this filter and set it to the 1800's. So now, if someone is searching for antique furniture or oil paintings from the 1800's, your listings will appear. Your listings will also appear if someone is trying to find a non-specific item or anything from the 1800's.
  • Filter by Year Examples: What we will do is narrow the filter to see how that works. Let's say that you decide to list a set of dinner plates from 1945, under your Title & Description, you may have "1945" listed but you could also add this filter and set it to the 1940's. So now, let's look at it from the buyer's perspective. Let's say that we wanted to change our kitchen decor and go for a 1940's theme, all we would simply have to do is go to the "Kitchen" category and then type 1940's. This is just one example of how you are able to search for item and use the "Filter by Year." If you wanted to change the decor of your whole house to a 1940's theme, just go to the "Home" category and type 1940's, it's that simple. If you wanted to further narrow your search or if you wanted to target prospective customers looking for that specific year, choose an exact year for your filter.
    • Note: We've incorporated "Antique" into this filter because it allows you to specifically narrow your search. The antique filter is a real time saver because you are not forced to browse through a whole category which is dedicated to antiques. To browse any "Antique" listing, go to the browsing page and type "antique" into the category search box, choose your category, select your field and then hit search. You may also use the advanced search page to access the antique listings.


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