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Greg s List of Free Classifieds, Auctions, Local Ads

What Classified Ads are Free? We've compiled a list of Categories and Subcategories below:

Classifieds > () Listings:

(-) Help Wanted
(-) For Sale
(-) For Rent
(-) Upcoming Events
(-) Services
(-) Wanted
(-) Garage Sales
(-) Miscellaneous
(-) Lost & Found
(-) Dating
(-) Notices
(-) Pets

Classifieds > Autos & more > Cars

Free Music Classified Listings - Classifieds > Music

The Classifieds category can be used to sell or promote an artist's work / CD.

The newly generated Music category was created with the unsigned artist in mind. The unsigned artist is now able to fully promote & sell their work, at no cost to them. In fairness, we will also allow the selling of signed artist's material (CD's, Records, etc.) in the Music category.

You will have the choice of selecting a 7, 10, or 30 Day listing. You are allowed one uploaded image and you will have the option of listing your website URL.

Processing payments couldn't be easier with Google Checkout so please refer to our Google Checkout page. The Google Checkout link is located at the top of our "Home" page.

Free Help Wanted Classified Ads!

Free Car Classified Ads!

List your Auto in our Classifieds for free, no questions asked. All Classified ads will run for 30 Days. Greg s List of local ads.

All listings include:

  • Free 30 Day Classified
  • 1 Free Photo
  • Free photo gallery on your display page
  • 1 Free Extra Large Image that opens in a separate window
  • Free Extra Large Image Gallery and much more!

You will have the ability to upload additional images (Up to 30) and listing extras are also available.

Getting started is easy, just Create an Account Here and begin!


*Random Specials*

We randomly run specials which allow members to post their items for free in a category of our choosing. We will create a random category or categories and post this information. All specials allow members to post one item per category. If we are running a special in three separate categories, you are allowed one listing in each of those categories.

All listings include:

  • Free 7 Day Auction and/or Classified Ad
  • 1 Free Photo
  • Free photo gallery on your display page
  • 1 Free Extra Large Image that opens in a separate window
  • Free Extra Large Image Gallery

There is also:

  • No charge for adding a reserve price to your ad
  • No charge for an "OBO" (Best Offer) tag
  • No charge for adding a "Buy Now" feature to your listing

With any auction item that sells, there is a final fee charge associated with your listing so please refer to our Pricing page.

Category extras and the ability to upload more than one image is not available with the free specials. All images must remain below our 200KB standard so please refer to our "Image Editing Tutorial" for further assistance.

Since all aspects of the free listings are random, nobody will know when a particular special has begun or will end. It is a good idea to check back often because we might post a free special in the Classifieds and a couple hours later post another free listing special. When the special expires, the "7 Days" Duration tag, which is located on the "Listing Details" page, will no longer be an option. The "7 Days" greg s tag will be replaced with a "1 Day" Duration tag and all listings are no longer free.

When the Classified has completed the seven full days, the category itself will be removed within 48 hours. When the category is removed, all information pertaining to any listing is also removed so you have 48 hours to retrieve this information. Since all information is deleted after 48 hours, make sure that you copy or write down all needed information because it will be erased from your "Account Home" page. Greg s List of local classified ads.